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Dumpster Rental Houston

Top-Rated Dumpster Rental Houston Solutions for Your Waste Management Needs

Dumpster Rental Houston Services

Are you looking for a dumpster rental service in Houston Tx to remove waste efficiently? Know that choosing the right dumpster rental houston service is crucial. Learn about TrashN’Dash’s convenient dumpster rental options in Houston tx tailored to different project sizes, best price, and how to effortlessly rent the right container for your needs.

Key Takeaways of Our Service

Here’s why you should consider our dumpster rental services in Houston tx:

  • TrashN’Dash offers a wide range of yard dumpster rental sizes from 10 to 40 cubic yards for residential and commercial use in Houston, making them one of the best dumpster rental services.

  • Choosing the correct yard dumpster size is crucial for cost-efficiency and avoiding overloading, with the company providing ample guidance and options to accommodate different types of waste management projects.

  • Delivery spot and pickup are designed to be efficient and hassle-free across the greater Houston tx area, with permits and regulations handled as needed, and customers are advised to prepare for yard dumpster arrival to ensure a smooth experience.

Houston’s Premier Dumpster Rental Services – Offering Efficient Waste Management Solutions for Your Residential and Commercial Needs

TrashN’Dash is a reputable, locally owned provider of Yard dumpster rental services in Houston Tx. They offer a diverse selection of roll off dumpster rentals tailored to various project needs, including:

  • Home improvement

  • Landscaping

  • Remodeling

  • Major renovation

The convenience of having a roll off dumpster delivered right where you need it enhances waste management efficiency by eliminating clutter and streamlining your project.

TrashN’Dash’s Houston yard dumpster rentals caters to large and small contractors, roofers, and DIY homeowners across the Greater Houston tx area. Their flat-rate pricing includes a two-week rental period, ensuring no hidden charges and providing customers with a clear understanding of costs.

Commercial dumpster rental Houston
Residential Dumpster Rental in Houston

For homeowners, TrashN’Dash provides a residential roll off dumpster that serves as a perfect solution for various cleanup tasks. Whether you’re undertaking an office space cleanup, home cleanup, landscaping, yard debris removal, or general trash removal, their comprehensive dumpster rentals caters to all these needs. Some of the items you can dispose of using the Houston dumpster rental service include:

      1. Old furniture
      2. Carpet Cleaning
      3. Boxes
      4. Clothes
      5. Toys


Procuring a residential dumpster in Houston Tx from TrashN’Dash is a hassle-free experience. Simply visit their website, choose the appropriate yard dumpster size for your project, and take advantage of their schedule pickup and convenient disposal services. Their range of dumpster sizes, including the popular 10 cubic yard option, ensures that you find the perfect fit for your waste management needs.

Commercial Dumpster Rentals

Businesses in Houston Tx can rely on TrashN’Dash for a variety of commercial jobs suitable for projects of different scales, including roofing projects. Whether you’re undertaking construction waste disposal, spring cleaning or an estate clean-out, their 20-yard dumpsters are designed to handle a substantial amount of debris. These yard dumpsters accommodate a comprehensive list of waste, such as:

Selecting the Right Yard Dumpster Size to Meet Your Residential and Commercial Waste Disposal Requirements

Selecting an appropriate yard dumpster size is key to optimizing waste management. We offer a variety of yard dumpster sizes, including:

  • 10-yard

  • 20-yard

  • 30-yard

  • 40-yard

It’s worth noting that yard dumpsters can be placed on private property, provided they adhere to homeowner’s association bylaws and do not disrupt neighbors’ property.

The largest yard dumpster size available from TrashN’Dash is the 40-yard dumpster. With dimensions of 20 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 7.5 feet in height, it can hold a whopping 40 cubic yards of waste. This is ideal for large items found on major construction sites.

trash n dash employees ready to start junk removal services
10-Yard Dumpsters

A 10-yard dumpster is the perfect choice to fill for small cleanup projects. It can hold up to 4 pickup truck loads of waste and is suitable for:

Disposal of a few old appliances or pieces of furniture

  • Cleaning out a small room

  • Heavy materials like brick, rock, concrete, or dirt

  • Smaller household and home-based business construction projects

  • Cleanup projects

  • Home remodeling activities

With dimensions of 11 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 3.5 feet in height, it provides ample space for your needs. Securing a 10-yard dumpster is a simple and direct process. Simply visit their website, choose the 10-yard dumpster, and schedule a delivery. The rental price covers the disposal of up to 1 ton of waste material, making it a cost-effective solution for small-scale projects.

20-Yard Dumpsters

If your project is a bit larger, consider the 20-yard dumpster. Measuring 4 feet in height, 8 feet in width, and 20 feet in length, it can hold approximately 8 pickup truck loads of waste. This dumpster is typically utilized for medium-sized cleanup projects such as bathroom remodels, roofing jobs, deck tear outs, or clearing out multiple rooms in a home.

With a weight capacity of 2 tons, the 20-yard roll off dumpster from TrashN’Dash presents a sturdy solution for your waste management needs.

30-Yard Dumpsters

The 30-yard dumpster is ideal for large-scale commercial construction and demolition projects. With dimensions of 22 feet in length, 7.5 feet in width, and 6 feet in height, it can hold a significant amount of waste. It can handle a significant volume of demolition debris, such as:

  • Constructing new homes

  • Demolishing existing structures

  • Conducting large estate cleanouts

  • Carrying out significant renovations

The rental price generally covers the disposal of up to 3 tons of waste material, offering a cost-effective solution for large-scale projects.

junk removal professional standing in front of the truck prepared for garage cleanout
40-Yard Dumpstersc

The 40-yard dumpster is the largest available size from TrashN’Dash, designed to accommodate substantial waste volumes. Measuring 22 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet in height, it can hold up to 16 pickup truck loads of waste. This dumpster is ideal for extensive cleanup tasks such as large construction or demolition projects, estate cleanouts, significant home remodeling projects, and complete home cleanouts.



price factors
Pricing Factors for Dumpster Rentals in Houston Tx

Understanding the Cost Variables for Effective and Budget-Friendly Waste Management Solutions

Numerous factors contribute to the pricing of yard dumpster rentals. The cost is influenced by a plethora of factors such as:

  • Size

  • Location

  • Rental period

  • Waste material

The price range for yard dumpster rentals in Houston tx typically varies from $450 to $899. Factors influencing the cost include location proximity, container size, type of material being hauled, rental period, and the number of pickups required during the project.

junk removal houston, food waste, unwanted junk removal houston
Specialized Dumpster Rental Houston Options

Tailored Solutions to Address Unique Waste Management Needs for Residential and Commercial Clients

Along with their range of standard dumpsters, we also offers specialized dumpsters for specific waste materials. For instance, an inert dumpster is designated for heavy materials that should not be placed in regular dumpsters, including concrete, bricks, heavy shingles, lumber, dirt, and rocks. This ensures efficient and safe disposal of heavy materials.

Concrete dumpsters, on the other hand, are designed not only for concrete but also for rock, plaster, construction debris, and other waste generated during concrete and foundation projects. Similarly, construction dumpsters are suitable for disposal of tree branches, plant clippings, grass and lawn debris, dirt, soil, wood, and other outdoor trash.

Efficient Delivery and Pickup Services for Dumpster Rentals in Houston

Texas to Simplify Your Residential and Commercial Cleanup Projects

A notable aspect of TrashN’Dash’s service is their prompt delivery and pickup. They cover Houston and its surrounding areas, ensuring that no matter where you are located, their services are accessible to you.

Your presence is not required for the delivery or pickup, provided that the designated area for the container is clear and accessible.

Permits and Regulations for Dumpster Rentals in Houston

In Houston, a permit is typically not required for dumpster rentals. However, depending on the specific circumstances, one may be necessary. For instance, if the dumpster is to be placed on the street within a residential area, it must adhere to homeowner’s association bylaws and should not impede traffic or disrupt neighbors’ property.

If a permit is required, the process involves filling out an application form and an affidavit that needs to be notarized. The Houston Solid Waste Management Department stipulates that a permit must be obtained for commercial dumpsters of any size if they are to remain on-premise for longer than 60 days.

Tips for a Smooth Dumpster Rental Experience

For a seamless dumpster rental experience, it is advisable to follow certain tips and recommendations. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Prepare for the dumpster’s arrival and removal by carefully selecting the parking location and ensuring there’s a clear pathway for the dumpster.

  • Exercise caution when disposing of items in the dumpster to avoid any accidents or damage.

  • Avoid overloading the dumpster and disregarding weight limits.

  • Select an appropriate size for your needs.

  • Make sure not to place waste above the designated top line of the dumpster.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free dumpster rental experience.

Local Houston Dumpster Rental Success Stories

One customer highlighted TrashN’Dash’s exceptional customer service during lumber removal following a deck demolition, while another expressed their full contentment with the services and pricing for their project requirements. These testimonials reflect TrashN’Dash’s commitment to ensuring customer service satisfaction and providing top-quality dumpster rental services in houston tx and the surrounding areas.


When it comes to efficient and responsible waste management in houston tx, TrashN’Dash’s dumpster rental services are an unbeatable solution. With transparent pricing, efficient delivery, excellent customer service and pickup services, and a customer-focused approach, TrashN’Dash ensures a smooth and hassle-free rental experience.

Call 832-324-7794 to get a free quote or contact us via our website to get started. We are ready to serve you, offer the best c and will provide excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Houston?

Renting a dumpster in Houston ranges from $217 to $1,077, and the price depends on factors such as the size of the dumpster, type of debris, and rental duration.

What size dumpster is rented the most?

The most commonly rented dumpster size is the 20 Yard Dumpster, which is essential for a wide range of projects, from home renovations to construction sites and commercial cleanouts.

What range of dumpster rental services does TrashN’Dash provide in Houston?

TrashN’Dash offers a wide range of roll off dumpster rental services for different projects including home improvement, landscaping, remodels, moving, commercial construction, and major renovations.

How is the dumpster prices determined?

The dumpster prices are determined by factors like size, service areas, rental period, and the type of waste material being disposed of. These factors contribute to the overall pricing.

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EXCELLENT. We have used their services multiple times. LIFESAVERS! Thank you again. Professional, polite, kind. Highly recommend!
CM “Another_AA” T
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The guys were running late because of another job but called and notified me. They showed up w/ great attitudes and were very professional. They knocked the work out in no time flat. Will definitely use again.
John Waisath
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I used Trash and Dash twice and would highly recommend them. They are way, way more reasonably priced than their larger competitors, show up on time, and do some heavy lifting with no trouble. They’re excellent at what they do.
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Very friendly and very professional. 10 out of 10. Exceeded my expectations. I’m going to use their services again in the next few weeks. Great job!!
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I’ve used Trash N Dash three times now and will continue to do so. The representatives are prompt and efficient and I really love their pre-arrival communication. I highly recommend their service.
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Fast and efficient removal. Very affordable. Will be using them again in the future.
velvet warford
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I used the garage service … my garage was horrific waist high years of just putting my stuff/families stuff.. smelled bad ugh these guys worked up a quote started immediately .. (mind you just had a group that didn’t know what pack a room meant) .. these guys are awesome..if i can get the buyer to give me more time . I will use this company again..
Marie Fuentes
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I was impressed with the price, speed and efficiency. I was so grateful for their quick response.
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Excellent service. Friendly, professional, and quick. Would highly recommend Trash N Dash and would use again.
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Awesome service. The crew was fast and courteous. I will definitely be calling them again
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They did a great job but didn’t close my backyard gate. I will use them again Thanks for getting it done earlier than scheduled. Same day service was a plus.
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They took everything, and left the area clean. Courteous and friendly. I’m grateful for their help.
George Elam
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Had them remove a broken LG refrigerator. They were on time, they had the best price and they were very careful about removing this hunk of junk I had. Thank you for making it so easy.
20:32 26 Apr 22
So impressed with the value and professionalism of this company. Everything from communications on all levels to pricing and timeliness were fabulous, first inquiry to communication on move day. I can’t recommend this company enough. Douglas and Mario showed up on move day and were exceptional. I wish everything in my life went as smoothly as this transaction.
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I don’t do surveys. Honestly I just could not help but doing this survey that’s how great this company was. Not only on time but early nothing was too large or too small. My only suggestion would be for the actual customers.CUSTOMERS:Be ready!! Don’t think you have three hours to clean out the attic while these guys are cleaning out the garage because the garage will be complete in less than an hour. Yes don’t second-guess them they are truly a great company
Christopher Fox
18:52 11 Apr 22
What a great experience! Nice men and very good at what they do.
Allison Newman
18:15 05 Apr 22
Great and professional service. Nice guys who came to pick up furniture. Will definitely use again.
Natasha Halton
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Very pleased with the whole experience. Convenient booking, showed up on time, gave solid estimate and worked hard to accomplish what I needed in every way. Awesome job!
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Wonderful company. Fair price, timely and extremely helpful. As an elderly person it is hard to know who to trust but this is a company that you can!
Susan Pimley
15:53 08 Mar 22
Great service! I called last minute needing the majority of my bedroom/ living room furniture to be tossed. They were quick and efficient! The 2 guys that came were great and made extra sure to note what was being junked so there was no confusion. The house was gutted in no time! Saved me so much trouble from having to toss it myself. 10/10 would recommend!
Vivian Castellanos
23:44 27 Jan 22
The team members that arrived were Kesson and Cottre. Prompt, friendly, and efficient. Cannot ask for anything more. Ten minute job saved us hours, if not days.
08:12 12 Jan 22
They hauled some large stuff out of my garage. They showed up right on time after calling ahead to confirm. They were very polite, and very quick, and the price was excellent.I will definitely recommend to others and use them again if I need large refuse removed.Edit: I’ve used them multiple times now, and the service is always excellent. I will continue to use them in the future.
Dusten Barker
19:18 29 Dec 21
The guys were friendly and efficient and we were very happy to have some new space in our garage. Now we can organize our life and that is worth every penny we spent. Great company to do business with.
Steve Thurmon
22:02 21 Nov 21
Great service! I called last minute needing the majority of my bedroom/ living room furniture to be tossed. They were quick and efficient! The 2 guys that came were great and made extra sure to note what was being junked so there was no confusion. The house was gutting in no time! Saved me so much trouble from having to toss it myself. 10/10 would recommend!
Vivian Castellanos
03:26 24 Oct 21
I Made a same day appointment and they were here working 30 minutes! They measure my couch ( which was just ugly and gross ) and were out of here. They were polite, professional, fast workers who will definitely have my business in the future! I can’t forget to mention how GREAT they were at communicating!
Daritza Esmeralda
02:53 12 Oct 21
They were timely and so very kind. Will definitely use them again and I highly recommend them.
Renata Wallace
01:32 05 Aug 21
This is my 3rd time using this company, and all 3 times the service was excellent. Everyone was nice and professional. Good communication about arrival times, and great customer service.
Courtney Jackson
01:21 24 Jun 21
Was very pleased with the service. The two men were nice and professional, I was updated via text and a phone call about my upcoming service, and I will definitely use this service again in the future if I need it!
Autumn Olinger
19:22 05 May 21
James and Anthony are a great team! They showed up and were so friendly and professional, gave us our quote, we accepted and wow they loaded up our renovation trash pile unbelievably quick! I’m not sure how they puzzled all of our trash into their already almost full truck but man, they nailed it!! Much appreciated and we would definitely use Trash N Dash again in the future thanks to them 🙂 I need to add, I don’t remember a name when I initially called for info, but she was also very nice and professional. Great team all around!
Lisa Perez
19:02 01 May 21
Second use of Trash and Dash and just as satisfied with the high quality service as the first time. Great communications. Showed up when they said they would and got the job done as efficiently as possible. Over the course of the two projects we removed more than 11 tons out of a 1050 sq ft home.
Scott Keenen
13:42 29 Apr 21
My experience with Trash n Dash was great! The communication was professional and consistent throughout the process. I especially appreciated the emails and text messages to keep me updated and informed of my appointment. Vincin and Roy showed up on time with great attitudes and were very respectful. They took care of my large items quickly and left with a smile. Prices were fair as well. If I have any trash needs in the future, I’m using Trash n Dash!
Carl Oviedo
18:46 31 Mar 21
I’ve had two different junk removal services from Trash & Dash and both were exceptional! Great communication and they guys on site were courteous, professional and did a fantastic job! We will definitely be using your services again!!
Jonathan Lindle
17:05 12 Mar 21
I used this company to haul off wet carpets, padding, and drywall from the recent freeze. They showed up on time and were professional. I paid what I was quoted. The process was very easy and was done in 10 minutes. I highly recommend them.
Gary Greensage
17:38 06 Mar 21
These guys were honest, fast, and fair-priced! Highly recommend and will be using them again for all future needs.
Megan Padua
19:30 03 Mar 21
I have been using Trash n Dash for years now and wouldn’t change! The prices are good and the service and people are professional!
Debbie Parker
14:06 24 Feb 21
The two gentlemen that assisted me today were courteous and the definition of customer service. They arrived early on in the time frame and were in and out, they didn’t even complain that I was on the third floor! Will defiantly use this service again and recommend it to others! Thank you
Laura McCullar
07:27 20 Jan 21
The two guys that provided the service were friendly and did a great job. The process from initial scheduling to the pick up was smooth and seamless. I would definitely recommend this company!
Denise Hester
17:54 18 Jan 21
The team was professional, friendly, fast and efficient. They were well-priced, too!
Samantha Hoyt
03:24 12 Jan 21
We have used Trash-N-Dash for a little over a year now… We use their service on all of our construction projects. Brent is very personable and professional in all aspects.We have a demanding schedule, and Brent has always delivered for us! If you are looking for a professional company, at a fair price, then you should give them a call! You’ll be glad you did.Thank you for your time.
Averon Construction
20:38 15 Dec 20
I was very pleased with the workers. I will gladly recommend them to anyone.
Essie Duckens
01:23 09 Dec 20
From scheduling over the phone same day and then rescheduling to the next day the customer service on the phone was excellent and so was Jeremy and his team when they arrived. Easy process and timely. Highly recommend.
Brandon Treybig
16:18 05 Nov 20
10/10/20: Update to my last review: I have to do a 180 on this one. Trash n Dash went out of their way to fix the damage. They repaired the floor. It’s nice to know there are contractors who take pride in their work and service. Very much appreciate Brent and Kenneth!9/30/20: First I was surprised that someone would come into my house wearing workboots — no slip on booties to protect the floors. Second, the crew knew they would be removing a sofa, but they didn’t use furniture moving pads to protect the walls or the floors. My floors are freshly refinished hardwood floors. They left deep grooves in my floors from dragging the feet of the couch across the bedroom and then my foyer. Their reaction? “That wasn’t us!”. I have pictures. It’s distressing they did not apologize or take any responsibility. Don’t use this company.
Tina P metp
15:39 10 Oct 20
Great service from beginning to end!
Rene Brown
21:03 15 Sep 20
Super fast and reasonable pricing
Sheryl Thomas
01:25 29 Aug 20
The team was friendly, fast and helpful. On time and service went exactly as described. Also, FAIRLY PRICED. Will use again and would recommend!
Meredith O’Neal
01:18 20 Aug 20
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. From getting the estimate to them coming out and hauling everything off the service was truly top tier. The people that answer the phone all the way down to the guys that came out and did the work was truly amazing. I will absolutely recommend this company to anybody who needs this kind of service. They were beyond respectful of my home and just a pleasure to do business with. This will be the only company I use from here on out. They are simply amazing!!
Jeff Jeffers
15:04 15 Aug 20
Friendly and professional workers showed up ahead of time, communicated before the appointment and showed up ready to work. These are hard working guys in blazing hot summer jobs cleaning out garages, but they keep a good attitude and work very fast.Rates are reasonable and I highly recommend this service. It’s the best I have found.
Steve Baker
21:04 03 Aug 20
From the first time you all came and removed the things from my mother’s garage, your team has done a GREAT Job! Excellent customer service and we are always completely satisfied with the services as well as the pricing. We will always use Trash N Dash and refer others to do so as well!
Danna McElroy
15:11 15 Jul 20
I had a garage full of office furniture. They showed up right on time and gave me a reasonable quote. They got to work and had all the office furniture broke down and in the truck in about 30 minutes. Very impressive. They were extremely professional the whole time. They even swept up the garage after getting all the furniture out. Can’t thank them enough for today!!!
Samantha Adams
14:10 26 Jun 20
As any homeowner knows, city trash pick up can be unpredictable. TrashnDash promptly replied to my inquiry and within 24 hours crew arrived as previously discussed. Both representatives arrived early, were extremely professional, worked very efficiently and cleaned not only the trash area but also swept up the drive way prior to departing. Looking forward to doing business again. Thanks so much!
Sasha Najar
03:32 19 May 20
They came quicker than expected, were efficient, very helpful and courteous. And scheduling service online was so easy. From the time I submitted my online request, I received a call in 10 minutes letting me know they were 30 minutes away. They had all our trash out within an hour and a half of me placing my request. Amazing.
William McKee
14:49 02 Apr 20
Based on 79 reviews
Rented a 12 yard dumpster for house cleaning. Great communication with emails and texts. Price is very competitive with other companies. Customer…
M.c. M.
05:13 18 Apr 24
I needed an old couch hauled away. Called last night and it was picked up this morning. They crew showed up early but I did receive a text letting me know…
Linda G.
11:22 06 Jul 22
I really appreciated the courteous & professional service rendered & liked the half hour window given before arriving. I am on S.S. so the price was the…
Shari G.
09:47 28 Jun 22
I called on Wednesday, got an estimate start price for load. Scheduled for next morning pick up. I didn’t get a phone call upon arrival. Luckily was morning…
Christina F.
09:42 06 Jan 22
Really great people. They were fast and reasonable with the price. Got 4 mattresses and bed frames removed in 1 hour
Andrew C.
11:55 01 Jun 21
This is the 2nd time I’ve used this company. I requested the appointment online. Selected the date and the timeframe of the pickup. The crew showed up as…
16:17 23 Oct 20
Very nice guys, very professional, very fast, very clean. They took multiple garbage cans of trash, some large branches, and yard debris in the back yard…
Kinan R.
15:55 05 Sep 20
I needed to get rid of a couple of large things (entertainment center, desk) I made the call & these guys showed up and loaded their truck without missing a…
Joyce M.
12:25 22 Aug 20
Jeremy and Vince were awesome! They communicated there estimated time of arrival and were efficient in removing all items quickly.
Lauren H.
07:33 18 Aug 20
I called Trash N Dash for help during my recent move. I was downsizing from a 3-bedroom house to an apartment after a divorce, and had a lot of old…
Dina B.
16:05 19 Mar 20
They were very professional and friendly. The removed two couches, loveseat and two overstuffed chairs for $270. This was a little more than other…
Sonia G.
18:10 10 Jul 19
THE “STUFF ” BUSTERSThese guys are wonderful! They are very efficient AND fast! I had no idea I had so much “stuff” that was just “stuff”. We put…
Lou Ann B.
19:45 06 May 19


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