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Save $20 When You Book Online


Save $20 When You Book Online

Trash N Dash’s Junk Removal Houston Prices

Experienced Staff, Affordable Pricing.

Experience hassle-free junk removal with our expert team at unbeatable prices. Say goodbye to unexpected disposal fees as haul away up to 7 pickup truck loads of clutter efficiently with our specialized disposal vehicles. Our dedicated customer service team is ready to assist—give us a call for a stress-free cleanup today!

Our minimum charge is $149

1/4 Load


4.5 cubic yards

1/2 Load


9 cubic yards

3/4 Load


13.5 cubic yards

Full Truck


18 cubic yards

Upfront pricing. No surprises.

At Trash N Dash, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive pricing in the industry. We provide a full-service experience to our customers, ensuring that every aspect of their junk removal needs is taken care of efficiently and effectively. Whether you need to dispose of a hot tub, construction waste, or simply want to get rid of unwanted junk cluttering your space, we have you covered. We understand the importance of responsible waste disposal and recycling, which is why we prioritize eco-friendly practices in all our services. Our team is trained to identify recyclable materials and ensure they are properly sorted and disposed of, minimizing our environmental impact.


houston junk removal pricing takeaways
Key Takeaways.

At Trash N Dash, we offer competitive pricing for junk hauling, prioritizing responsible waste recycling. Our transparent pricing structure, ranging from $149 to $600 and up based on volume, accommodates various needs like household trash removal and office cleanouts. Pricing resets with each haul away, ensuring fairness. With dedicated services in Houston, TX, we provide free estimates upfront, delivering top-notch junk hauling while minimizing environmental impact.

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Why Choose Trash N Dash?

Choose Trash N Dash as your go-to full service junk removal provider for unparalleled customer care, attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to keeping Houston, TX eco-friendly. Our dedicated team ensures every aspect of your junk removal needs is handled with precision and care, from transparent communication to efficient waste disposal.

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Ready to reclaim your space and contribute to a cleaner environment? Call Trash N Dash today to book your junk removal appointment or receive a free upfront estimate. Choose us for the best junk removal in Houston. Don’t let clutter weigh you down any longer—take action now and let our expert team handle the rest!

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Service

Utilizing professional junk removal services offers several advantages, including:

  • The ease and time-saving aspect
  • Eliminating the physical exertion associated with self-led cleanups
  • Safety assurance in disposal activities, particularly with hazardous waste
  • Peace of mind knowing that the service meets legal disposal standards through proper accreditation

An additional benefit when you engage experts is their dedication to environmentally responsible disposal methods. Our professionals at Trash N Dash take charge from start to finish, assuring items are disposed of correctly and striving for recycling or donating whenever possible. 

Professional junk removal services provide an array of perks conducive to handling extensive projects and tailored requirements. Such benefits encompass:

  • Ability to tackle hefty assignments like estate cleanouts
  • Comprehensive services covering sorting materials, loading debris on trucks post-clearance work-site cleaning ,and navigating permits process.

-The provision of both convenience & effectiveness during this process.

-In-depth knowledge paired with practical experience in managing diverse kinds of refuse

-A firm commitment towards ethical discarding practices


Residential vs. Commercial Removal Services

In Houston, if you’re aiming to clear out your personal space or tidy up after a building project, there are an array of junk removal services available that are designed to meet your specific requirements. Although residential and commercial junk removal services might appear similar at first glance, they actually specialize in varying kinds of waste material and operate under different pricing structures.

For those looking to rid their homes of unwanted items, household-focused junk removal companies offer a variety of solutions including the clearance of general clutter, furniture removal as well as getting rid of old appliances. Meanwhile, for businesses and construction sites needing waste management support, commercial junk removal providers extend specialized services such as:

  • Removals involving equipment and scrap metal
  • Cleaning up construction-related debris
  • The disposal process for office furnishings
  • Plus additional related assistance

Here at Trash N Dash, we do it all! No matter if you own a home or manage a business establishment—there is sure to be a tailored service on hand capable of fulfilling any particular demand when it comes down managing unnecessary materials.

Additional Costs to Consider

While we’ve covered the main elements that influence junk removal service costs, it’s important to be aware of potential extra charges. For instance, starting at a rate of $149, transportation fees for removing junk in Houston apply to curbside collection of items not exceeding the size of a refrigerator. These rates may differ based on your location and how easy it is to access your property.

There are particular types of items such as:

  • hot tub
  • TVs
  • mattresses
  • refrigerators
  • air conditioning units

When you engage services for waste management in Houston to handle these kinds of objects, be prepared for additional disposal fees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are junk removal Houston prices like?

Junk removal in Houston can fluctuate in price regularly. Obtaining an estimate tailored to your precise requirements is crucial.

How do I get rid of junk in Houston?

If you’re in Houston TX, and need to eliminate unwanted clutter, consider reaching out to Trash N Dash, a reputable junk hauling service for expert junk removal services. We offer comprehensive solutions to help you clear out junk from your residence, providing a respite from the disarray.

What types of items can you remove?

Trash N Dash can haul away a wide range of items, including furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, construction waste, piano removal, and more. We handle most non-hazardous materials.

How much does junk removal cost in the US?

In the United States, the average expense for junk hauling ranges from $450 to $750 and up. The costs are determined by how much junk is removed, with services starting at a minimum load equivalent to one-eighth of a truck.

Should you require a complete truckload junk disposal service, which encompasses roughly 400 to 450 cubic feet of space, the pricing can vary between $400 and $800.

How does volume-based pricing work in junk removal services?

The cost of junk removal services is calculated using volume-based pricing, where the price you pay corresponds to how much space your junk occupies in the truck tasked with its removal. Thus, pricing for these services directly relates to the amount of junk being hauled away.

Do I need to be present for the junk removal?

While it’s not usually required for you to be present during a junk hauling service, we recommend it for accuracy and convenience. However, if you’re unable to be there, just ensure our team has clear instructions on what we need to haul away.

Do you recycle or donate items?

Yes! At Trash N Dash, we prioritize responsible waste disposal. We recycle and donate items whenever possible to minimize environmental impact and support our community.

Comparing Prices Among Houston Junk Removal Companies

Understanding the elements that determine the cost of junk removal should lead you to evaluate and compare pricing from different service providers. Seek out those Houston junk removal companies that provide transparent upfront costs on their websites, which can give you a precise expectation of what you’ll have to spend and facilitate more effective price comparisons.

Online Reviews

When evaluating various junk removal companies, online reviews stand as a crucial tool. These testimonials offer a glimpse into the experiences and contentment of past customers, furnishing you with better expectations regarding each service provider’s performance.

It is widely acknowledged that online reviews hold as much credibility to consumers as personal endorsements do. Consequently, it’s wise to invest effort in perusing the feedback for potential junk removal services. Focus on authenticated reviews to confirm that they originate from actual clients who have availed themselves of these services. This can significantly enhance your assurance while choosing which company to go with. Here at Trash N Dash, we value the feedback of all of our customers, and are always looking for ways to improve.

Requesting Quotes

When it comes to substantial projects involving junk removal, getting an estimate on-site tends to be more precise. Certain services enhance customer convenience by allowing them to text photos of their junk items in order to get a preliminary quote. It’s wise to gather quotations from no fewer than three distinct providers so that you can ensure a competitive cost for the service. This process can also help you to answer any questions you have about the company’s cost structure.

Service Offerings and Specializations

When considering junk removal services, it’s essential to understand the range of services each company offers. Some companies may specialize in residential cleanouts, while others may focus on commercial or industrial projects.

Environmental Sustainability Practices

As environmental concerns continue to grow, many consumers are seeking out junk removal companies that prioritize sustainability. Look for companies that have eco-friendly practices, such as recycling and donation programs. Some companies may even have partnerships with local charities or recycling facilities to ensure that items are disposed of responsibly.