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Save $20 When You Book Online


Save $20 When You Book Online

Bulk Trash Removal Near Houston

Old items that are no longer functional or don’t need anymore can build up and take up some much-needed space in your house. Perhaps you’ve had to give up your garage space in order to store all the junk that you cannot throw into the bin. Many people keep things they don’t use anymore only because they have no idea where to take them. If that’s you, you’ll love our unbeaten services for bulk trash removal near Houston.

We are Trash N Dash, a leading full-service Houston junk removal and hauling company. Whatever trash you have lying around your home, compound, or office, we are eager to take it off your hands to a more appropriate place.

FAQs About Our Bulk Trash Removal Services in Houston TX

At Trash N Dash, we provide unsurpassed bulk item pickup in Houston, TX, so you can stop worrying about where to put your junk. Here are some important details about our Houston trash pickup and recycling services:

What Kind of Trash Do You Take?

We take most household trash and anything that comes from places like offices and schools. This includes old furniture, electronics, clothing, and books. We can pick your old wardrobe, washing machine or collect any material left behind after a house remodeling project.

If you’ve cleaned your yard and have a lot of tree and junk waste lying around, we’ll take that too. Our staff will pick anything in these categories, whether big or small.

Is There Trash That You Don’t Take?

We don’t pick hazardous waste such as gasoline, pesticides, herbicides, wet paint, or bleach. Our license only allows us to pick up non-hazardous trash that can be reused, recycled, or safely disposed of at landfills. We also don’t take items that our team is unable to move safely.

Where Do You Dispose Trash After Removal?

Once we collect waste, we sort it into categories for disposal. We donate things that are in good condition, such as clothing or books, to charities and thrift stores.

For wood, metal, glass, or plastic items, we drop them at recycling centers. If there’s something that cannot be given away or repurposed, we take it to a landfill for safe disposal.

Which Areas Do You Serve?

Our professionals provide top of the line junk removal in Houston and the surrounding areas of Katy, Sugarland, Pearland, and The Woodlands. If you’re in any of these areas or the communities in between, we’ll gladly send our team to remove your household waste.

When you schedule an appointment, we’ll allocate you a 2-hour time slot for waste removal. We do this to accommodate any delays. Our team will contact you about 15-30 minutes before your allocated time to confirm arrival.

Let Our Professionals Clean it Up for You

Take advantage of our bulk trash removal near Houston today and get rid of all the clutter on your property. We’ll come and remove it from your house, load it on our trucks, and ensure that it’s either recycled, donated, or disposed of as required. Contact Trash N Dash and save $20 when you book online! 832-324-7794.

Bulk Trash Removal Near Houston

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