Valet Trash Service

Our Valet Trash Service is rated #1 for tenancy. We offer quality and consistent service, giving the residents a clean and safe environment and save them from having to haul heavy trash containers all the way to the dumpster.

Valet Trash Services

Our Valet Trash Removal and Recycling program is meant to reduce the amount of trash that finds its way to the dumpster.  Apart from attracting more tenants, you will be contributing to environmental conservation through recycling

We also have an excellent recycling program to reduce the amount of trash that goes to the dumpster. Our services benefit both the management and the residents and you don’t have to revise your budget.

What We Expect From You

To help us serve you better, here are guidelines for apartment trash removal. 

1. Trash preparation

  • You should prepare your trash for disposal beforehand. It involves:
  • Trash should be bagged then tied
  • Put the bagged trash in the receptacle provided
  • Ensure there’s no loose trash
  • Double bag pet waste
  • Trash should not excess 25 lbs
  • No sharp objects like glass shards and needles
  • Cardboards and cartons should be flattened
  • No oversized and bulky items like furniture, refrigerators, etc

2. Place the trash container out

After bagging and tying the trash bag, place the container outside of your unit for collection. You should use only the provided container, place it at your doorstep between 6 pm and 9 pm.

PS: Collection starts at 8 pm and any trash placed out after 8 pm may miss collection.

3. Pick up the trash container

After the trash is collected, ensure you take your container back inside by 9 am the following day. There’s no trash collection during the day and you risk being fined up to $25 by the property management for any containers and trash out during the daytime.

Why Should you Choose Us?
  • You won’t incur any start-up cost
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • Renew contract annually
  • Tenant retention
  • Competitive advantage
  • Get up to 50% rebates for multi-properties
  • Clean environments deter rodents and pests
  • Secondary, risk-free source of income
What You Stand to Benefit
  • 24/7 customer service by email or phone
  • We provide waste containers
  • If there’s extra trash we can arrange to pick it up
  • Our employees are well-trained and always in uniform so that you can differentiate them from imposters
  • No more hauling heavy trash to the dumpster
  • They can concentrate on their work and leave the trash to us

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How Our Process Works

Once your property or community management agrees and signs the contract, our work begins.

  1. Our friendly employees pick up trash door to door and on breezeways in shoulder anti-drip harnesses.
  2.  The provided waste receptacle is inspected for damages and replaced if need be
  3. The trash is then taken to a compactor or an onsite dumpster for disposal
  4. Any recyclable trash is separated then the rest is disposed
  5. Any loose trash in the disposal area is cleared

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