There use to be a time when “bug bombs” were the best and only way to deal with pest control issues. We all remember them: those extremely dangerous chemicals that are used to kill ticks and mosquitos en masse when an infestation occurs.

But here’s the thing: the chemicals used in those bug bombs are incredibly dangerous to pets and people staying in the residence and can be harmful to the local environment as well. Surely, there had to be a better way.

What bug and organic pest control options are in North Reading, MA?

EcoMosquito was formed by three businessmen in 2018. It was created to solve tick and mosquito infestation problems using only the safest and most natural materials that are eco-friendly and safe to people, pets and wildlife.

They offer a satisfaction guarantee: if you are not happy about the results of your service within two weeks of treating your property, they will re-evaluate and re-treat without charging you further. That means you get the best possible service to ensure that your property is pest free.

Mosquito and tick borne diseases have been on the rise in recent years, leading to more deaths than from any other animals. EcoMosquito aims to protect people, pets and wildlife without having harmful effects on the local environment.

EcoMosquito resolves to provide the highest quality tick and mosquito control solutions:

  • Getting rid of areas of still-standing water – which are areas where mosquitos typically breed – is a big factor in mosquito control. Even the tiniest amount of water resting on your property can fill with dozens of mosquito larvae. EcoMosquito uses naturally occurring larvicide to prevent the larvae from maturing into adults in areas of where water cannot be eliminated.
  • Barrier mist applications to non-flowering foliage knocks down ticks and mosquitos living on your property as well as providing repellency.
  • Tick and organic pest control in North Reading, MA has its head honcho. EquoMosquito provides nothing but the very best in service and will ensure that you don’t have to deal with those pesky, annoying pests and mosquitos that can make going outside less than fun.

What are some organic pest controls for gardens?

If you are looking to focus specifically on your garden, there are a few options worth trying. There are traditional bug sprays that are now without the pesticides that used to decimate plants. Some may still not be safe for animals, so keeping your pets away from your garden will still be something to consider.

There are also organic options as far as fertilizer and natural oils that will not only rid your garden of pests but will help to enrich the soil in your garden and help your plants to thrive and grow. A good home remedy is natural citrus oil and cayenne pepper, a mixture that will keep the bugs and pests away without damaging your garden in any way. Plus it allows you to do with what is around your home instead of having to spend on a store-made solution.

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