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Mosquitoes and Unused Hot Tubs

Health concerns include nesting grounds for insects that need the water to hatch such as mosquitos. Mosquitoes carry diseases as well; some of the well-known diseases are malaria, West Nile virus, dengue fever, dog heartworms, and the dreaded elephantitis. When buying a home, a series of good memories come along with it, and the home should be safe for all members of the family including pets. With there being thousands of types of mosquitoes around, the risk of becoming infected by these are increased by providing a place for them to nest in an unused hot tub. These diseases are deadly and can come from the bite of one mosquito. To make the environment safe for pets and loved ones there should be no standing water especially in the summer and spring when mosquitoes are at their peak. The diseases are transmitted through the insect bites, so the only way to avoid the transmission is to stop in the reproductive tract. Mosquitoes are such a nuisance they have the ability to ruin any outdoor activities including backyard barbeques. Global efforts to control the spread of mosquitoes have been found ineffective, and it is also predicted that there will be an increase in mosquitoes due to global warming. In order to control the breeding, and decrease the contraction of diseases, unused hot tubs should be removed; they are unsanitary and can cause deadly consequences.

Hot Tub Removal: Health Concerns

Hot tub removal for health reasons; everyone that does not properly maintain should get rid of the tub for health reasons. Some people are under the false sense of security that because the hot tub has chlorine, that it is safe to use. This is only true if it is properly maintained. If you are to own a hot tub, you need to know that it is a nesting ground for bacteria in the warm water. When moving into a home with a dirty hot tub, either replace it or make sure it is thoroughly cleaned before every using it. The hot tub should also be cleaned often by the owners as well. It is also important for the users to take showers both before and after using the hot tub. You want to take a shower before to wash away skin bacteria, lotions, oils, and perspiration because they all inhibit the chemical that prevents the growth of bacteria. Failure to do so can result in infection of open wounds and more bodily infections for women. The growth of bacteria also forms scum and foam in the water. By showering after the hot tub, it removes any harmful bacteria that may have been left on the skin. Since hot tubs hold and breed so many types of bacteria, harmful and all, if the hot tub is not being used or properly maintained it should be removed.

Alternative Use of Space After Hot Tub Removal

If considering hot tub removal, but not sure what will come of the space afterwards, consider a few of these alternatives. One of the largest concerns with the hesitation of removing the hot tubs coming from homeowners is what to do with the space after the hot tub is removed. Depending on how long the hot tub has been there, if it is sitting in grass it is dead or worse has pest living underneath it or if it is on concrete how will you now occupy that space with entertainment? For starters, if you have children that is just more space for them to run and they can also get other recreational items like a trampoline. If they already have plenty of toys, not there is space for a small shed to keep the toys and bikes in. If you are looking for a more green option, there is always the option to have a small garden in place of where the now removed hot tub was once before. You can also put nice patio furniture outside for small gatherings and parties or the increasingly popular trend a fire pit to sit around and enjoy company or a peaceful night. Other ways to use the space is to invest in a little landscaping. Landscaping will increase the property value that was loss during the hot tub removal and also make the yard appear to be bigger which is impressive when trying to sell the home.

Benefits of Hot Tub Removal

Owning a swimming pool or hot tub may be a bigger liability than most homeowners believe them to be. Drownings right next to automobile accidents in the leading cause of accidental deaths in children under the age of fourteen. Although owning a pool or hot tub may increase property value, it also increases insurance rates on homeowners insurance. The reason insurance goes up is not only because insurance is to cover catastrophic losses, but because of the risk of negligence that comes along with owning these recreational tubs. If left attended and an unsupervised child was to fall into this body of water and drown, the homeowners could be held responsible. With children having unproportional head sizes and underdeveloped muscles, it does not take a lot of water for the child to drown or have significant brain damage; this could come from rainfall in an emptied pool. By removing hot tubs and pools, especially those that are unused the homeowner could reduce cost of insurance and reduce liabilities of accidental drownings. Some states also require a safety gate in three to five feet of height surrounding the pool. This is space that can no longer be used in protection of the people and children that may be in the area. If the tub is not being used it would save both space and the money invested in the safety gate to just remove the hot tub. Homeowners are not the only people that are held responsible for damages that come from and unsupervised hot tub; some banks foreclose on homes, and in the event that they do, they accept liability. Since the bank will not be there to supervise the hot tub or pool it would be in their best interest to have the hot tub removed.

Proper Disposal after Hot Tub Removal

Although hot tubs are seen to be a soothing and relaxing way to wind down, the thought of the labor intensive process to remove a hot tub is not so relaxing. When removing a hot tub, you have to consider do if it needs to be moved to somewhere else, if it has recyclable parts, and is it being disposed of in the proper locations. When having a full schedule already, considering proper disposal may be a headache. By allowing the professionals to do the hot tub removal, the owner knows that it will be properly disposed of in a responsible and eco-friendly way. The metal and plastic of the hot tub can both be recycled. The goal of our company is to put a little in the landfills as possible. Another thing to consider is after you have broken down your hot tub, will it fit in the trunk of your car or bed of your truck? How many trips will you have to make to get the hot tub properly disposed of if it does? Our company uses covered trucks and trailers to haul off any unwanted material and it can all be done in one single trip. The benefit of the trucks and trailers being covered is you don’t have to worry about the small pieces or light pieces being blown off while you are driving causing a potential accident. We have a team of experts that have considered all things that make this chore a headache and have taken care of it for you.