Air ducts are extremely important a home's health and a business's day-to-day operations, but most people will hardly ever think of them. The fact is; when it comes to air ducts, people have an attitude of 'out of sight, out of mind.' However, air ducts are a major source allergens. Anything that is in the air will get trapped inside of your ductwork. Then, the dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other contaminants will continue to get pumped into the home if the air ducts are cleaned routinely.

For air duct cleaning in Raleigh, NC, more of your neighbors trust Celtic Duct Cleaning, and you can too! Keeping your home or business clean, avoiding or minimizing allergies, and avoiding respiratory problems starts and ends with clean air ducts.

How Do I Know if I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

When a Celtic Duct Cleaning technician arrives at your home or business, he will complete a full inspection of your air duct system. This will allow you to see what's in your air duct system because we run a camera through it with a screen that you can monitor it. This way, you can see for yourself if your air ducts need cleaning and how bad they need cleaning. Your technician will be very honest, and if he doesn't think you need air duct cleaning, he won't do it.

When a cleaning is needed, we will show our clients the same video footage of their air duct systems again, so that they can see exactly what they got for their dollars.

What Happen During Air Duct Cleaning?

Celtic Duct Cleaning uses a truck-mounted, PTO-driven machine that produces a huge amount of suction. A massive amount of suction is vital to cleaning an air duct system properly. We attach suction to the plenum, which is the base where everything gets distributed throughout your home. It's where the treated air comes out of your unit. We hook up suction here, and we block off all of the other vents, which supply the cooled or heated air to your home.

We'll remove each vent cover and clean them individually. Then, we run air whips through your system to break up and loosen up all of the dust and debris in your air duct system. This pushes it to the suction and out of your home.

There are several aspects to cleaning air ducts. It's not just the air ducts or the supply side. It also involves the return side where the air gets brought in. We'll replace your filer and clean your A coil, which what cools the air. If the A coil gets blocked, your system will not run as efficiently as it should.

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If you need your air ducts cleaned contact Celtic Duct Cleaning. Ours is the number one company for air duct cleaning in Raleigh, NC. We'll have the air in your home or business clean and healthy in no time.

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